The DirectoryIterator class

The DirectoryIterator class

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)


The DirectoryIterator class provides a simple interface for viewing the contents of filesystem directories.


class DirectoryIterator extends SplFileInfo implements SeekableIterator {
/* 方法 */
public __construct(string $directory)
public current(): mixed
public getATime(): int
public getBasename(string $suffix = ""): string
public getCTime(): int
public getExtension(): string
public getFilename(): string
public getGroup(): int
public getInode(): int
public getMTime(): int
public getOwner(): int
public getPath(): string
public getPathname(): string
public getPerms(): int
public getSize(): int
public getType(): string
public isDir(): bool
public isDot(): bool
public isExecutable(): bool
public isFile(): bool
public isLink(): bool
public isReadable(): bool
public isWritable(): bool
public key(): mixed
public next(): void
public rewind(): void
public seek(int $offset): void
public __toString(): string
public valid(): bool
/* 繼承的方法 */
public SplFileInfo::getATime(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getBasename(string $suffix = ""): string
public SplFileInfo::getCTime(): int
public SplFileInfo::getExtension(): string
public SplFileInfo::getFileInfo(?string $class = null): SplFileInfo
public SplFileInfo::getFilename(): string
public SplFileInfo::getGroup(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getInode(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getLinkTarget(): string|false
public SplFileInfo::getMTime(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getOwner(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getPath(): string
public SplFileInfo::getPathInfo(?string $class = null): ?SplFileInfo
public SplFileInfo::getPathname(): string
public SplFileInfo::getPerms(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getRealPath(): string|false
public SplFileInfo::getSize(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getType(): string|false
public SplFileInfo::isDir(): bool
public SplFileInfo::isFile(): bool
public SplFileInfo::isLink(): bool
public SplFileInfo::openFile(string $mode = "r", bool $useIncludePath = false, ?resource $context = null): SplFileObject
public SplFileInfo::setFileClass(string $class = SplFileObject::class): void
public SplFileInfo::setInfoClass(string $class = SplFileInfo::class): void
public SplFileInfo::__toString(): string



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